Workshop registration fees

Participants are strongly encouraged to stay for the full two weeks. 

There is a one-time mandatory registration fee the two-week workshop of 500 EUR. 

Participants can however come for shorter periods.
Participants that come for less than 5 days will be charged a registration fee of 100 EUR per worshop day.

After the deadline registrations may be possible depending on room availability, but these must be done manually and will cost an additional one-time fee of 100 EUR. For enqueries please contact

Hotel room fees

The workshop will take place at the ​Hotel Dei Pini, near the Capo Caccia park in the north-west of Sardinia, close to the town of Alghero, Italy.

In addition to providing the workshop services, ​iniForum negotiated convenient full-board (with breakfast + lunch + dinner, water and wine included) hotel room rates, which are only available to registered participants, who register through the workshop registration pages. The room rates change depending on the type of room: