Neurotech student fellowships

NEUROTECH is a coordinated support action (CSA) funded by the European Commission with the aim to facilitate communication and technology exchange within the European Neuromorphic Technology research community. NEUROTECH has launched on 1st November, 2018. For more details see our web portal: 

The NEUROTECH Project offers  fellowships for students to cover part of the travel, registration, and accommodation cost for the workshop up to a maximum of 1.400 Euro.

Eligible applicants are Msc and PhD students as well as Post-Doctoral scholars. Priority however will be given to applicants that have already had experience with systems/computational neuroscience and/or neuromorphic engineering and/or robotics, and that can best benefit from the fellowship for promoting their research and career.

To apply for a fellowship, send an email to with a single pdf that includes a one-page CV and one-page motivation letter that addresses the following three points:

1) Why would the workshop be interesting for you;
2) Why would people in the workshop be interested in having you attend;
3) What hands-on project or discussion group would you like to organize or participate in.

Application deadline is February 3, 2019. The selection committee’s decision will be announced by February 28, 2019.

Fellowship recipients are required to submit a report about their experience during the workshop, in particular about results of hands-on projects and/or discussion groups they took part in. Fellowship holders and their reports will be featured on the NEUROTECH web portal. We  expect fellowship recipients  to acknowledge both the workshop and the NEUROTECH CSA in publications and talks that will hopefully arise from the ideas and work, developed during the workshop.